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Best Place to Buy Designer Handbags in Dubai

Here at Love Luxury Dubai, we pair the finest handbags with buyers from around the world, whose impeccable taste and style marries with their status to create a union shrouded in refined leather and timeless designs. 

From Hermès to Chanel, Louis Vuitton and more, our collection of luxury handbags contains some of the most memorable models and releases from the brands which are renowned for their designer status. Whether you’re looking for something classic and timeless, or vibrant and bold, we’ve got the finish for you. 

Karl Lagerfeld once said…

“Luxury bags make your life more pleasant, make you dream, give you confidence, and show your neighbours you are doing well.”

To buy a luxury handbag is to invest in an industry where history is as much a part of the customer experience as the end result. From the design of each bag to the inspiration behind it, the colour palette and the finer details and features integrated into its structure, a bag from one of the top luxury designers is a part of the brand’s own history. It’s a culmination of the founding vision and the modern designers’ own ideas, and unites the beautiful with the practical.

Most of all, it’s a form of self-expression, which lets you physically hold something that reflects your own style and personal dynamic – as part of a broader collection or as a single staple that you use every day. 

Of course, it’s not just style-loving buyers who we’re talking to. The luxury handbag market has also developed a distinguished name for itself in the investment sector – and it’s this section of the market which has had the greatest impact both here in Dubai and all over the world.

Which Handbag Are You Looking to Buy?

    Buying as an Investment

    Some of the best designer brands in the luxury handbag industry are renowned for not only holding their value but for increasing tenfold once a piece has left the store. This is because of a few factors, mainly the scarcity of such handbags and the fact that the immense demand among prospective buyers and owners pushes the value of each individual piece sky high. This, combined with the high level of craftsmanship and the use of often-rare materials and hardware, means that each individual bag can double in value if not more on the second-hand market – making every purchase a stable investment. 

    How do you know which luxury bag to buy as an investment?

    Market research will help you to identify the best handbags to consider if you’re seeking an investment, though we recommend that buyers are guided as much by preference and personal taste as they are by value and what’s considered the most coveted piece on the market.

    While trends and fashions change all the time, your personal style is a timeless reflection of who you are. Buying a luxury handbag is, for many buyers, a significant investment – with the best piece for you epitomising what you value and what you are looking for. Even if you’re buying as a future investment with an eye to selling, if you are guided by what you like and what you covet for yourself, then your bag will always hold even higher value.


    The Designer Difference

    Here at Love Luxury Dubai, we specialise in luxury handbags from a handful of top designers, mainly Hermès and Chanel, with some Louis Vuitton bags too.

    As well as buying and selling bags from these designers and others in our store and via our online shop, we also offer high-level authentication and valuation services – giving clients the peace of mind of knowing that everything we handle is 100% genuine and authentic. 

    Whether you’re buying for yourself, as an investment, or looking to browse and learn more about the luxury handbag market, our boutique Dubai store and our website offer all the information you need about the brands we specialise in and more. 

    Loop a piece of luxury history over your shoulder or over your arm, with a luxury handbag. All bags are sold with proper documentation to prove authenticity.