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When Coco Chanel first launched the 2.55 handbag in February 1955, little did she know that her creation would spark a change in the luxury accessories industry which has never really gone away. 

A Chanel handbag is so much more than just an accessory to hang on your arm, or lift onto your shoulder. It’s a piece of history which was designed for you by a woman at the very forefront of her industry; whose vision gifted us the Little Black Dress, the hands-free shoulder bag, and some of the most iconic looks of all time. 

Most of all, a Chanel handbag speaks to your individual style, your personality, and the life you choose to lead. 

Here at Love Luxury, we combine our expertise in the world of authentication and valuing luxury goods with a passion for matching buyers with their perfect bag – be it one they’ve been dreaming of their whole life, or the accessory that they didn’t realise they needed. And with an ever-changing collection of authentic Chanel handbags available at our boutique store in Dubai, we make the entire process of buying Chanel in Dubai seamless and enjoyable. 

Which Handbag Are You Looking to Buy?


    Are you a Chanel 2.55 buyer?

    The Chanel 2.55 buyer is someone who recognises not only the practical selling points of this bag, but also its place in history as the first bag to boast a shoulder strap long enough for hands-free use. Designed by Coco Chanel herself to combat the limitations she herself experienced with classic bags which formerly dominated the market, to own a Chanel 2.55 is to own a slice of the brand’s success story – almost as if it had been designed and gifted to you by Chanel herself. 

    The Chanel 2.55 is a household staple, with the second-hand market around Chanel handbags regularly seeing specific colours enter the market before being sold again. The turnaround on Chanel 2.55 bags is swift, with our team able to advise and assist with any information you might need about the products we have in stock in Dubai. 

    Are you a Chanel Boy buyer?

    Consider this to be the handbag with attitude; the Chanel handbag that always attracts second glances, fusing the timeless design of the 2.55 and the Chanel Classic with a little added edge and attitude. 

    To buy a Chanel Boy is to embody the masculine energy of 21st century living, paying homage to the founder of Chanel herself who constantly pushed the boundaries of what it means to be feminine, and whose own style bridged the gap between male and female energy. 

    Are you a Chanel Classic buyer?

    Every Chanel buyer knows that the Classic is Karl Lagerfeld’s interpretation of the 2.55, adding his own spin in the form of the Chanel ‘C’ clasp and other refined details to bring the original handbag into the 20th century. 

    The Chanel Classic buyer is someone who acknowledges the past, but has an eye to the future and is looking to future proof their style and wardrobe with a limited number of investment pieces to tick every box and suit every invitation.


    Are you a Chanel buyer?

    Buying a Chanel handbag in Dubai should be an experience you remember forever – as the bag you dreamed about, visioned, and searched for is finally boxed up in its iconic Chanel branded box and placed in a luxury bag for safe transportation.

    With an eye to the whole experience, our Dubai team are experts in Chanel and other luxury brands, and can advise on everything from investment potential to the differing styles within the Chanel collection. Whether you come to us with a detailed idea of what you want, find something on our website or in our store that you’re interested in, or simply want to browse and open a discussion about the best Chanel handbag investment for you, you’ve come to the right place. 

    Let us handle the complex details around authentication, ensuring that only the best genuine Chanel handbags are offered to our customers. When you visit Love Luxury, you can rest assured that every bag you see has undergone a comprehensive authentication service and includes all the documentation required to prove its authenticity.