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Hermès is to fashion what Dubai is to the world – innovative, exceptional, and designed with those at the very height of success in mind. 

Starting life as a harness manufacturer, serving noblemen across France and wider Europe, Hermès grew from its relatively niche origins to become a brand synonymous with luxury accessories – made famous by Grace Kelly in 1956, when she was spotted with an Hermès bag, latterly named the Kelly. 

This bag, alongside the Birkin, has since become one of the most popular bags in the history of Hermès, though what makes Hermès such a coveted and high-value brand runs far deeper than the quality and look of its bags. 


To buy an Hermès handbag is to say something specific and very clear-cut about your status as an investor or a fashion lover. Only those on VIP lists and with special connections can get near the waitlist for a brand new Hermès handbag, while the incredible rise in value of an authentic Hermès when it leaves the store is such that Hermès bag prices on the second-hand market render them out of reach for many.

For those buyers who are interested in buying Hermès in Dubai on the preloved market, half of the excitement of your journey lies in the unknown – from which Hermès models will be available, to how you feel when you hold it. 

For Jane Birkin, the value of her Hermès bag lies in its functional style. For Grace Kelly, her Hermès bag surpassed all others she had encountered, and enabled her to conceal her pregnancy from the paparazzi – a story which has become part of the Kelly bag’s history. 

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    The journey to your own slice of Hermès history

    Hermès is a brand for which supply continually and consistently undercuts demand – by such an extent that the coveted status of every new release surpasses the last. This, combined with the quality of both the core materials and the craftsmanship, in addition to the limited stock for every new model release, makes Hermès one of the most successful and high-value luxury brands on the market.

    Our mission is to make Hermès, and all that comes with it, more accessible to the market of buyers who – like us – are passionate about impeccable products and exquisite brands. 

    And now, we’ve arrived in Dubai to tap into and connect with a brand-new market of sellers and buyers just like you. 

    With our Dubai store catering to locals and travellers and tourists alike, we see the stock of Hermès handbags changing on a daily basis, with a huge part of our service lying in the valuation and authentication of every bag that comes through our doors, to assess its potential as an investment for us and for buyers like you. Whether you know exactly what model and finish you are looking for or want to browse what’s on offer and see exactly which Hermès bag speaks to you in terms of design, finish, and features, the experience we offer is 100% guided and luxurious from start to finish. 

    And, since launching in Dubai, we’ve seen and handled some of the most incredible, rare, and exciting Hermès handbags in the world – with the exceptional surroundings attracting the attention of investors and Hermès collectors from all walks of life. We never know what we’ll see next in the Love Luxury boutique store, which is what makes our pre-loved luxury service and store so exciting for both us and for you.


    Best Place to Buy Hermès Handbags in Dubai

    Dubai is unarguably one of the most immersive and luxurious destinations in the world. 

    Where better to buy your new Hermès handbag and secure your next high-value investment than our new boutique in the heart of the city? 

    Our team specialise in offering formal valuation and authentication services, as well as buying and selling the highest quality luxury handbags, with Hermès handbags among our most coveted and in-demand products. Check out what’s in store right now by visiting our online shop or Dubai-based boutique. 

    In addition to Hermès, we also have other luxury handbag brands, as well as jewellery and timepieces from some of the best-loved and most coveted luxury brands in the world.