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Sell Your Hermès Bag – Same Day Instant Cash Offer Anywhere in Dubai

In the world of luxury, there is almost no rival to the Hermès name. If you own a Hermès wallet, scarf, or especially an Hermès handbag, you not only have exquisite taste, but also a mini bank of money. That’s right, did you know you can use your Hermès handbags as your own personal bank?

At Love Luxury, we buy and sell ‘pre-loved’ designer handbags and Hermès is certainly one of our very favourites. We will offer you same day cash payments for your Hermès bag!

How Does It Work?

When you’re looking to unload your Hermès handbags or accessories fast, there is only one place to go. At Love Luxury, we take all the hassle out of selling your handbag. We offer you fair market prices right from the beginning because we want to help you get the deal done, and fast.

Simply come in for an appraisal and we will assess the value of your Hermès handbag on the spot. Once your appraisal is done, we present our offer. Then, the choice is yours. Either walk out with a handful of cash or hang on to your handbag. We make it that easy.

We reserve the right to refuse an item based on its popularity and saleability.

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    We reserve the right to refuse an item based on its popularity and saleability.

    How it works

    Complete the form

    1 – Complete The Form

    Provide all the details & images to get a more accurate quote.


    2 – Book An Appointment

    Same-day appointments available.


    3 – Full Inspection + Quote

    Our specialist valuer will inspect your item.


    4 – Receive payment

    Payment can be received via your preferred method.


    Short Notice? No Problem!

    Looking to get instant cash now? We offer same-day appointments! No matter the time, we will do our best to fit you in. Simply call ahead for an appointment or fill out our online form. One of our team members will get back to you promptly and secure a time to come in for your appraisal.

    Unable to Get to Us?

    We get it. Life can be busy, but you still want to sell your ‘Pre-loved’ Hermès bags. If you have a collection you don’t want to travel with, once a deal is agreed we will arrange for your bag/s to be collected and brought directly to us.

    After we receive the items they will be authenticated then payment will be made immediately.


    How Much Will I Get?

    Every Hermès handbag is valued differently. But as long as you have an authentic Hermès bag, you will definitely be able to walk away with cash.

    Do you have an Hermès Birkin? Or an Hermès Kelly? These will command much higher prices. We take a look at several factors to determine your Hermès bag’s worth. Vintage bags are always highly valuable, so if you have one, get ready for a big payday.

    We also look at condition and provenance. If your bag comes from a smoke-free home, that is a definite plus, do you have the Clochette or an additional strap? You may even have a Twilly or a Charm. Perhaps you managed to keep the box, dust bag and protective felt. We use a variety of metrics to appraise your handbag, and our team of experts will offer you the best prices in the whole of Dubai. Sell with confidence to Love Luxury, as we have a reputation that can’t be beaten.

    Ready to sell your Hermès handbag? Call now or fill out our form now to schedule an appraisal!

    Selling Your Hermès Bag FAQ

    How to sell my Hermès bag to Love Luxury?

    When you get in touch with Love Luxury, not only do you benefit from our industry-leading expertise and reputation, but you also receive a time and cost-efficient service which can see your Hermès bag valued, assessed, and sold to us within a single day. 

    The authentication process typically takes around 15 minutes, though if you do not have adequate certification and receipts this can be longer. Following valuation, your funds can be transferred almost immediately – enabling you to access the money on the same day. 

    We offer same-day appointments for those sellers who visit us in-store and advise that if you want to benefit from fast payment, you can submit your bank details in advance of your appointment.

    How long is the appraisal process for selling Hermès bags?

    The appraisal process is what allows us to give your Hermès bag a value prior to selling it. This typically takes around 10 minutes and can be done in person in our store or remotely through WhatsApp or email. 

    If you choose to have your bag valued remotely, please note that we will require a selection of photographs to assess the bag and that the valuation may not be as accurate as an in-store appraisal.

    Why sell your Hermès bag to Love Luxury?

    When selling a luxury designer handbag, you want to be assured that the company you are working with has a good reputation, is trustworthy, and delivers on the promises they make to you.

    Here at Love Luxury, you don’t have to take our word for it when we say how good our service is – you can read the hundreds of five-star reviews we have collected from former customers and clients on both Google and Trustpilot.

    Not to mention, with our boutique located in a prime spot Dubai, and with our team encompassing both the front-end client-facing departments and our own behind-the-scenes buying department, you can rest assured we have all bases covered.

    Which Hermès handbags will Love Luxury accept?

    With the Hermès range expansive, here at Love Luxury, we are open to advising owners on any Hermès bag. 

    We are always willing and open to purchasing all brand new Birkin’s and Kelly’s models and will also accept preloved and pre-owned models dependent on quality. 

    We are open to receiving information on other models such as the Picotin, Lindy and Constance models and will advise accordingly depending on what you are looking to sell. If you have specific questions about certain Hermès models, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly. 

    Where is Love Luxury based?

    Situated in the heart of Dubai city, our address is: Al Budoor Building, Naif – Plot No. 386-0, Makani No. 29879 96432, Dubai, UAE

    Does Love Luxury accept Hermès bags from outside Dubai?

    Operating around the world, we do accept Hermès bags from outside of Dubai – subject to the addition of import duties on any valuation that we provide. 

    It is important that clients recognise the difference in currency, with our quotes being delivered in AED or GBP. We often deal with clients and customers in UAE, The United Kingdom, China, the US and Canada, Nigeria and more, and are well versed in the local markets across these locations.

    What are the best Hermès bags to sell?

    Here at Love Luxury, we accept a number of different Hermès bags – recognising the value in the individual designs and features that come with every branded creation.

    However, as always there is a higher demand for some models than others, with the most popular Hermès bags being the Mini Kelly, Birkin 25, Birkin 30, Kelly 25, and Kelly 28 – all of which boast a wide market both new and preloved.

    We also get a lot of interest in the Birkin 35 model as a brand new product, but the preloved products are not very popular.

    What payment options are available when selling my Hermès bag?

    Regardless of currency, we offer bank transfer payments as a standard – but can also offer cash payments if required and if advanced notice is given.