Please read through these T’s & C’s before engaging in any purchase from our store, by engaging in our services from Love Luxury’s online store you agree to be bound to our terms and conditions.

Returns, Refunds and Exchanges.

Here at Love Luxury, we take every pride in transparency and having a keen eye for detail.  This is passed on through our listings and descriptions.  Should you have any queries regarding an item please do not hesitate to get in touch, a member of the team will be happy to issue you real time images and videos.

Due to the high value of the goods here at Love Luxury Dubai we operate a zero-return policy in case of change of mind.

We reserve the right to buy back an item at the going purchase rate should the item be exactly as sold.


Returns will only be valid in extreme cases such as item not as described, in which case the item must be returned within 7 days, fully tagged and with all accompaniments it was sold with.  Any signs that the bag has been use or purposefully damaged in order to return will result in no refund being issued.

Please note that every precaution is taken to ensure every listing is fully documented as is the shipping process.

Fraudulent returns will be reported to the police and will result in the client being blacklisted from Love Luxury Dubai for life.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

We do suggest coming to our showroom and see the items in the flesh before making a purchase.

We offer walk-ins for purchasers between 11am – 6pm Monday to Saturday.

Personal Information.

Love Luxury require every consumer purchasing products to supply us with Emirates ID or Passport, All names and addresses on these forms of ID must match the paying card/bank details and delivery address.  Should the ID not correspond with the order details your order will be declined and a refund processed.  This information must be provided to Love Luxury in a timely manner to ensure speedy delivery of your order.  Should this information be delayed so will your order.

We do advise to email these to us on with your order number in the subject box straight after placing your order to speed up the process.

All personal information provided to Love Luxury is subject to our privacy policy and will not be shared with any third parties outside of our marketing teams and order fulfilment teams.  By submitting your personal information anywhere on our site you give us permission to use this to contact you for mail drops and entries to competitions.

Any personal information submitted on third-party connections to our site such as payment gateways is done so at your own risk and you must carry out your own due diligence.

Item Descriptions

Each item is thoroughly inspected prior to listing on our website, in the description you may find historical information or anecdotes, this information is correct to the best of our knowledge and we can not be held responsible if any of the information is factually incorrect.  These informatioins provided are for your entertainment and no other purpose.  We reserve the right to adjust this information at any time however we are not obligated to do so.  By using our site you agree the responsibility of monitoring these changes is in your hands.

Services and Products

Love Luxury has made every effort to produce images and descriptions that accurately represent the items available for sale.  Please note that all monitors may show different hues so it is always a great idea to pop into store to see for yourself.

All product descriptions and prices may be subject to change and we reserve the right to do this at any time.

Any discount codes may be withdrawn at any time at our descretion, if the code is not working any longer this code is no longer available.  We are not obligated to offer discounts on any items or fulfil any discount codes past their allotted time frame.


Love Luxury use Bababebi to authenticate each bag except for those that are not currently supported by their services in which instance Love Luxury will authenticate in-house via our team of authenticators and provide a Love Luxury certificate of authentication.

Love Luxury takes every possible step to ensure 100% authentic items in our store and online.  Every item that comes into Love Luxury will pass through our in-house authenticators, once we are happy with the authentication of a product we will then use either bababebi to give their official opinions.  Should a bag come back as non-authentic, Love Luxury will not list and will destroy the item.


Any items left on consignment will be paid in full 14 days post delivery.  This gives the buyer a chance to return the item and allows for our refund process to be issued, should the item be returned your consignment terms will be re-instated until such time the item sells and is not returned to us.  Should you wish to cancel your consignment terms please give Love Luxury 48 hours notice, your item will be removed from sale and packaged, ready for your collection.  If your consignment item was brought in a branded bag please note this may not be returned with your item and you may well receive a Love Luxury branded bag.  By entering into a consignment contract with Love Luxury you are agreeing to these terms.