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Patek Philippe is said by collectors, sellers, and buyers alike to represent the very best in Swiss watchmaking. It is a brand which combines craftsmanship with impeccable design flair, and which releases collections with such scarcity that buying an authentic Patek Philippe is akin to owning an original and high-value work of art.  

When prospective buyers walk into our Dubai store with their sights set on Patek Philippe, we know they are true timepiece enthusiasts. 

Crafted using the finest Swiss watchmaking techniques, combining a modern flair for design with the timeless techniques for gem-setting, chronology, and engraving, a Patek Philippe watch represents the very best in luxury design from the past, present, and future.

“You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.”

The Love Luxury Dubai store offers more than just a base from which to purchase your next luxury timepiece; be it a Patek Philippe or an alternative designer brand. With an eye for the meticulous, the exclusive, the rare, and the unique, we specialise in the timepieces that aren’t often seen on the preloved or second-hand market – with our ever-changing stock giving every buyer a tailored experience. 

And that’s not all.

Which Watch Are You Looking to Buy?


    As experts in all things high-end and luxurious, we also offer a thorough authentication service, through which buyers can gain a full valuation of each piece they are interested in, while sellers receive a fair price for each piece that they bring to us. 

    Every Patek Philippe buyer at our Dubai store benefits from a comprehensive authenticity guarantee, which includes a certificate and all the documentation required to enjoy the timepiece as a future investment or as a wearable accessory that denotes luxury and status. 


    Why Patek Philippe?

    While the stock on offer here at Love Luxury is often changing with demand and supply, there are certain Patek Philippe timepieces which frequently find their way into our hands via investment sellers and passionate collectors. These include:

    • The Aquanaut, the brand’s own collection of sports watches that were designed and created to target a younger audience. 
    • The Nautilus, sports watches with a sleek and streamlined aesthetic and outer casing. 
    • The Chronograph, combining the time display with a stopwatch function and other complicated integrations, depending on the model and the buyer’s unique desires. 

    One thing every Patek Philippe enthusiast and buyer knows is that this is a designer brand which layers authentic luxury with the kind of subtle design flair that renders each piece a study in the intricacies of refined watchmaking.


    With the immense value of each piece constructed through the brand’s own narrative and desire to create the perfect watch, buyers will recognise in every piece the drive for both aesthetic and functional perfection. Through every new release, collection, and innovative model, the Patek Philippe watchmakers demonstrate new techniques, making this a brand which bridges the old and the new, with timeless commitment to watches for the future. 

    By limiting every release to a mere handful of timepieces and individual watches, scarcity plays a big part in the iconic status held by Patek Philippe. To buy an authentic Patek Philippe watch is to become a part of a club populated by those who live for the status we associate with luxury – not to mention, becoming a part of the Patek Philippe buyers’ circle is akin to securing yourself a top-level investment both now and for the future.


    Your dream Patek Philippe timepiece could be in our display stand right now; or it could lie in the ownership of a collector who’s looking to sell in a matter of days, weeks, or months. 

    The only way of knowing is to visit us in our new Dubai store and follow us on social media for regular updates. 


    Become a part of the exclusive community of owners of luxury Patek Philippe timepieces, tapping into a market where the investment potential is high, and the style stakes are even higher. Buy a preloved Patek Philippe, brushing over the queues for new releases, and instead investing in a piece which forms part of the brand’s iconic history – combining the finest authentic techniques with a modern demand for innovative, sleek, and stylish designs.