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Rolex: the brand that made timepieces, timeless.

The wrist that wears a Rolex does more than simply tell the time. 

It tells the world that the wearer – be they male or female, old or young – recognises a value in style which has no expiry, and a quality which is matched in terms of material and craftsmanship.

With every watch in the Rolex collection telling its own story, from the built-in features of the activity-inspired watches to the refined details seen across each limited edition model, buying a Rolex watch is an experience unmatched by any other.

When buyers walk into our store in Dubai, we want to share with them the timepieces that inspire our business and our brand – with Rolex at the heart of our passion for all things luxury. As a  reputable reseller of the highest quality luxury goods, our stock is constantly changing, making each buyer’s experience entirely unique as they browse our second-hand Rolex collection and identify the model which suits their personality and matches their style. 

With an eye for both the classic models and the rarer pre-owned Rolex watches, we consider ourselves to be experts in terms of both authenticating these watches and valuing them fairly and accurately. 

What this means for buyers is that not only do they get to take home the Rolex of their dreams, but they also benefit from a guarantee of quality and authenticity in the form of a certificate, as well as the documentation needed to either enjoy their Rolex or hold onto it as a future investment tool.

Which Watch Are You Looking to Buy?


    Some of the Rolex models we often see in store

    While the stock on offer here at Love Luxury is often changing with demand and supply, there are certain Rolex models which frequently find their way into our hands via investment sellers and passionate collectors. These include:

    • The Rolex Submariner, renowned for its status as the first diving watch that could reach a depth of 100m upon its initial release. The most modern releases can now withstand depths of up to 300m. 
    • The Rolex Datejust, the everyday Rolex watch which is loved by men and women alike. This is one of the more affordable in terms of Rolex prices, with a diverse array of different finishes and materials available. 
    • The Rolex Daytona, inspired by Formula One racing and named after the famous Florida Daytona race track. Featuring a built-in chronograph to track speed. 
    • The Rolex Oyster Perpetual, a classic wristwatch which matches its simplicity with the refined and most delicate of details. Timeless in design, effortless in style. 
    • Rolex Explorer, a robust timepiece which is precise in terms of timing and was designed with the outdoor adventurer in mind. When all else fails, this is a watch that won’t let you down – you need only look at past adventurers and what they achieved while wearing their Rolex Explorer to understand this. 
    • Rolex Day Date, the working professional’s best friend, sharing both the time and the day of the week featuring a simple and elegant watch face. 

    Although these are the most common and most popular models which we regularly see on the second-hand Rolex market, the beauty of the preloved luxury industry is that we never know what is just around the corner, or just outside the door of our boutique store – and neither do you.


    Your dream Rolex could be in our display stand right now; or it could lie in the ownership of a collector who’s looking to sell it in a matter of days, weeks, or months. 

    The only way of knowing is to visit us in our new Dubai store, and follow us for regular updates on the rare, exclusive, and highly coveted Rolex watches we have available. 

    Become a part of the exclusive community of Rolex owners, tapping into a market where the investment potential is high, and the style stakes are even higher. Buy a preloved Rolex, brushing over the queues for new releases, and instead investing in a piece which forms part of the brand’s iconic history. 

    Browse our full collection of Rolex watches online, or buy your perfect Rolex watch directly from our team in Dubai.