Ever heard of the Air-King by Rolex? It’s a longstanding name in Rolex’s collection that’s still going strong today. You might have seen it as a sleek aviator’s watch, sized at 40mm and sporting a dial reminiscent of an airplane’s cockpit. But guess what? The Air-King’s origins are quite surprising—it started as a sophisticated dress watch, more suited for fancy gatherings than for flying high in the skies.

People often wonder, ‘Why Rolex Air King discontinued?’ Well, it did take a break in 2014 but bounced back. And the big question: ‘How much does it cost?’ Surprisingly, it’s considered a good deal for all kinds of budgets, whether you’re buying it new or from another collector.

Rolex Airking Dubai



So keep reading to uncover everything about this beloved Rolex Air-King. From its fancy origins to why it’s still turning heads today.

Explore Rolex Air King Prices

So, are you thinking of loosening your wallet strings and investing in Rolex Air-King watches and their enchanting price dynamics? Well, the good news is that securing a fresh piece is not difficult. Yet, the thrill intensifies when venturing into understanding why Rolex Air King was discontinued and finding those models in the secondary market. 

Here, amidst market prices, lies not just watches but unique stories woven into diverse styles and designs. Picture vintage editions, reminiscent of timeless tales, ranging from 14,680 to 18,365 AED, each bearing a distinct allure shaped by its specific model and condition. 

Ready to discover these Rolex Air King prices? Let’s delve into the price range of Rolex Air King models:

  • Ref. 5500: Starts from AED 22,943; 34mm; Smooth Steel Bezel
  • Ref. 14000: Starts from 19498.71 AED; 34mm; Smooth Steel Bezel
  • Ref. 14010: Starts from 19,280 AED; 34mm; Engine Turned Steel Bezel
  • Ref. 114200: Starts from 22053 AED; 34mm; Smooth Steel Bezel
  • Ref. 114210: Rolex Air King 114210 starts from 20,580 AED; 34mm; Engine Turned Steel Bezel
  • Ref. 114234: Starts from 21,640 AED; 34mm; Fluted 18k White Gold Bezel
  • Ref. 116900: Retailing at 23,700 AED; second-hand starts from 28,995 AED; 40mm; Smooth Steel Bezel


Rolex Air king

Rolex Air-King: New or Pre-Owned – Which is Right for You?

For a long time, the appeal of the Rolex Air-King lay in its affordability and timeless style. Often labelled as the ‘entry-level’ Rolex, it boasted a classic look and a friendly price, making it a hit among new collectors. Even now, vintage and pre-owned Rolex Air King models maintain their attractive low prices while offering a variety of styles that never go out of fashion.

But when Rolex revamped the Air-King in 2016, opinions diverged. The bold new design, featuring vivid green and yellow accents, didn’t sit well with everyone. Some felt it moved away from the collection’s simplicity, while others embraced its modern take on the classic pilot’s watch. Today, the Air-King is favored as a practical tool watch.

Interestingly, its price has stayed relatively affordable at $6,450 retail, making it one of the more budget-friendly men’s Rolex models.

Rolex Air-King Dial Options: A Closer Look

The Rolex Air-King offers a fascinating range of evolving dial options. Initially, it embraced a clean and simple style, featuring basic hour markers and the iconic Rolex logo at 12 o’clock. As years passed, Rolex expanded its dial choices, introducing colours like black, silver, blue, grey, and white in different models.

Rolex Air king series

The ref 14000 brought a shift, unveiling newer colours like salmon and white alongside the classic blue and black. Some dials showcased intricate textures, adding depth and visual appeal. To ensure easy reading, these dials often used luminescent materials on the hands and hour markers for better visibility in low light.

Today, the modern Air-King offers a sleek black dial, highlighted by a yellow crown and a vivid green printed Rolex logo, giving it a unique edge. Whether you prefer the timeless simplicity of earlier models or the exclusive modern design, the Rolex Air-King’s variety of dials caters to different tastes while staying true to functionality and style.

Exploring Rolex Air King Vintage Models: A Journey Through Time

The Rolex Air-King has a history dating back to 1945, when it was created to honor RAF pilots. Although part of an Air-themed collection, only the Air-King remains in production. Rolex doesn’t officially recognize early models as part of the Air-King line.

Exploring vintage models:

1. Rolex Air-King (1958-1989): 

The ref. 5500, considered the start of the collection, featured a 34mm case and a simple design. Despite minor changes, it wasn’t certified as a chronometer but remains a sought-after and affordable vintage model.

2. Rolex Air-King (1989-2006): 

The ref. 14000 succeeded the 5500, maintaining a 34mm case and offering various dial colours and bezel options. Later models like the 14000M improved movements and aesthetics, slightly increasing prices.

3. Rolex Air-King (2007-2014): 

The ref. 114200 introduced a more modern look with diverse dial colours, a redesigned bracelet, and improved movements. While short-lived, these models remain affordable and have potential for future value.

4. Rolex Air-King (2016-Now): 

The ref. 116900, reintroduced in 2016, showcased a larger 40mm case with a distinctive black dial and green/yellow accents. The watches, including the Air King Rolex 2019, are priced at $6,450; it’s a stylish yet rugged everyday watch.


The Rolex Air-King in Dubai ranges from 35,000 AED to 45,000 AED. This collection offers a diverse array of models, each showcasing timeless elegance and superior craftsmanship.

The price tag of the Rolex Air-King speaks to its exceptional craftsmanship and precision. Each watch is a testament to accurate design and premium materials, ensuring lasting durability and accuracy.

Defined by its aviation-inspired design, precision engineering, and durability, the Rolex Air-King stands as a classic pilot’s watch. Its clear, cockpit-inspired dial, robust construction, and resistance to magnetic interference reflect both functionality for aviators and timeless style for everyday wear.