The launch of the Rolex GMT Master-II revolutionized the watch industry by creating a unique blend of sophistication and functionality. Introduced initially to bring convenience to the lives of pilots, this stroke of genius gained the attention of not just aviation enthusiasts. While the original masterpiece dates back to the 1950s, the Rolex Batman 116710BLNR was released in 2013 and caught the eye of watch enthusiasts immediately.

The Batman-themed Rolex earned its name when people started associating the one-of-a-kind multi-tone blue and black bezel with the superhero’s attire. While the multi-colored bezel was not something unknown to GMT Master-II aficionados, what set this watch apart was the never-before-seen two-tone Cerachrom bezel. Since then, this rare and now discontinued classic has been something every luxury lover wishes to own.


Rolex Batman in Dubai

The Rolex Batman specifications offered the same high-end functionality as all the other Rolex GMT Master-II timepieces. The 40 mm majestic 904L Stainless steel watch case known as Oystersteel makes the Rolex GMT Batman super-resistant and is considered the secret to its longevity. The sophisticated Oysterlock safety clasp gives the option of easy and comfortable adjustment to the wearer. Not only that, but the advanced safety mechanism keeps the watch securely fastened around your wrist. Similar to the rest of the models, the bezel is rotatable, which makes keeping track of multiple timezones seem like an easy job. One notable variation in this model was reflected in the choice of color for the 24-hour hand. To match the overall theme of the masterpiece, as expected, this detail is also represented in blue. All in all, the spectacular Batman edition is a luxurious addition that every sybarite seeks.

Why Rolex Batman Price is not a collector’s main concern

Seekers of luxury are on a constant quest to find the much-desired, collectible Rolex Batman. The rarity of the luxury Batman timepiece has made the buyer immune to worries surrounding  ` its price. This is because the one purchasing this piece fully understands the lucrativeness associated with owning such a precious asset. It is well-known that the pre-owned, pre-loved market for such valuables brings about significant returns in the form of financial gains. 

Rolex batman price in dubai

Rolex Batman vs Rolex Batgirl

When comparing both these iconic masterpieces, there are more similarities than differences that one can find. The 24-hour rotatable bezel remains the same as in all the GMT Master-II variations. The two-toned Cerachrom bezel which was the most distinguishing attribute of this edition remained the same. 

One of the most obvious differences that instantly gained the attention of Rolex lovers was the style of the bracelet. Another feature that set Batgirl apart was the type of movement incorporated. While the Rolex Batman carried Calibre 3186, the new, updated Batgirl edition had Calibre 3285. Due to this, the 126710BLNR had a longer power reserve of 70 hours as compared to the 116710BLNR’s 48-hour reserve. This difference in movement also allowed the oscillator to be more shock-resistant as compared to the older version.     

While Batgirl offers buyers minor upgrades, the choice between Rolex Batman and Rolex Batgirl is made purely based on style preferences.  

Bracelet Options for the GMT-Master II Batman Edition

The original Batman Edition 116710BLNR was introduced featuring an Oyster bracelet. It was not until 2019, that the world witnessed the

 emergence of an updated model referenced 126710BLNR. This latest update was a sigh of relief for those looking for a Jubilee bracelet. Due to the shee

r elegance offered by this new style, it gained the name, “Batgirl”. With the new edition available, the original model was discontinued, and those who were in awe of the two-tone iconic piece featured in the Oyster bracelet had to wait till 2021. So, for today’s Rolex Batman enthusiast, the world is, quite literally, their oyster. The Love Luxury boutique can thus help you get your hands on this remarkable watch in both Jubilee and Oyster bracelets.


Rolex Batman In Dubai


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Since its introduction in 2013, the 116710BLNR has continuously appealed to many luxury seekers. Today, Batman and Batgirl are two editions that are the most sought-after. This is mainly because the two-tone bezel was made possible for the first time in history with the launch of this remarkable masterpiece. To carry around your wrist such an icon is a luxury that every individual wishes to have.

There are many ways to make sure a pre-owned watch is authentic. The placement of serial numbers, being one of the most crucial methods. To learn more about how you can be confident about your purchase, visit our store and talk to sales representatives that can help you identify tell-tale signs of an authentic Rolex piece.

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