The famous Rolex Day-Date indulges in luxury. Exquisite and famous, the Day-Date Rolex embodies and honours excellent workmanship– it towers above the necessities of time. From the Day-Date’s founding in 1956 until its fame as “President’s Watch,” this masterpiece has continued to captivate luxury watch fans throughout the world. 

Make your style look even more regal with Rolex Day-Date and acquire a part of history.



The Rolex Day-Date: President’s Watch

The Rolex Day Date goes down in history as a luxury work of art, also known fondly as the “President’s Watch.” Since its stunning debut in 1956, world leaders and opinionated figures have been associated with this prestigious timepiece. 


Rolex Day date - The Dream, The Reality.

Lyndon B. Johnson who succeeded Kennedy was the first president ever to wear the Rolex Day-Date – and this is where the watch got its nickname from.

To be the proud owner of a piece made of fine materials like 18k yellow gold, white gold, or platinum is simply more than anyone can ask. 

With its day-of-the-week and date display, incomparable design, and perfect timing, the Rolex Day Date is a classic in the true sense of the word.

History Behind This Timeless Classic

There is a rich history that the Rolex Day-Date embodies, one of the most prestigious of all Rolex dress watches. With its day window spelt out in full—it was the first watch with such a feature. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Day-date was way ahead of its time. 

Adorned by powerful people and famous for its characteristic President bracelet, the Day-Date watches symbolise power and luxury. 

In later years, the Day-Date underwent many changes, from innovations like the quickset date to modern models with added functionalities, but its appeal has always remained everlasting.

What Makes Rolex Day Date So Special?

Rolex Day-Date is famous for both beauty and technical excellence. You will be amazed to see that it comes in so many different styles. 

Every single facet of the Day-Date, from its precise self-winding movement right down to the choice of materials, colours, and dials – all speak luxury. 

Whether inset with diamonds or fitted with a traditional President bracelet, the Day-Date is bound to make heads turn.



Luxury in Every Detail

Experience skillfully executed craftsmanship and impeccable attention to fine detail with the Rolex’s Day-Date. Coated in the finest certified materials of 18k yellow gold, white gold or platinum, every watch from the Rolex Day Date series radiates class and elegance from top to bottom. 

Whether worn to grace a formal occasion or as an everyday watch, the Day-Date adds air to your style that subtly becomes a part of your appeal. 

Unmatched Prestige

Come and feel the difference of the Rolex Day Date, holding a rich heritage and unsurpassed reputation. Since its birth, Day-Date has represented the success and achievement of men and women around the world. 

The legendary and high-quality workmanship of the Day-Date means that today, it has become a mark for excellence and style among watch connoisseurs.

With its classic day and date feature, Day-Date is more a symbol of elegance than just a wristwatch. 


Between the classic attraction of yellow gold, or simple dignity in platinum coat–each watch reflects Rolex’s unswerving pursuit of perfection and excellent quality.

Explore Rolex Daydate at Love Luxury

Every timepiece coming from us has passed through our team of experts who do rigorous testing and authentication – making sure that your purchase is not only genuine but also of top-notch quality. 

We are proud to offer you pre-loved Rolex Day Date watches that can actually match your style. While only dealing in genuine items, we offer a wide range of models and editions to ensure you can find the right timepiece for your style and needs. 

Why Buy a Pre-Loved Rolex Day Date?

A pre-owned Rolex Day-Date has its own set of advantages, which are appreciated by many seasoned collectors and newcomers alike. 

If you buy a pre-loved Rolex Day Date, it gives you the chance to save a lot compared with buying a new model. Other than that, you can always go for a vintage Rolex model that you always wanted to have – something that you can’t really do when buying new.



Is a Rolex Day date a worthwhile investment?

The Rolex Daydate can be a worthwhile investment, especially for people who are into luxury items. 

One of the reasons that separate Day-Date from the rest of the watches is its acquired name and reputation. It is also called the “President’s Watch” or “Rolex Presidential” as it was worn by Lyndon B. Johnson – the 36th President of the United States. So, with Daydate, it is not just about the watch, but its reputation as well.

However, when it comes to being a good investment, there are many other things to consider. Such as the model, condition of the watch, and most importantly, the market demand.

You should also keep in mind that the market of Rolex is not huge in terms of people who can actually afford it. So, the real value of your Rolex Daydate can only be determined for a specific time. For example, if there are many buyers, the Rolex Day Date price may go up. If there are fewer buyers, the prices will automatically fall.

Why is a Rolex Day Date so expensive?

Rolex Day-Date is made from top-class materials, for example, Gold and Titanium. Some pieces are even fitted with rare gems, making the Rolex Day Date price go up.

What sets the Rolex Day Date apart?

There are three things that make Day-Date a classic and a highly desirable watch.

  1. It’s association with Lyndon B. Johnson
  2. Distinguishing features such as the day of the week spelt out in full – it may sound common today but it was the first ever watch with this feature and dials featuring intricate designs and precious stones. 
  3. 18 ct gold or 950 platinum used in its production.