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Rolex Tiffany Blue Watch Costs with Luxury at Your Fingertips

The Story of Rolex Tiffany And The Blue Dial

In 2020, Rolex decided to spice things up by revisiting the vintage charm of the ’70s and ’90s with the Oyster Perpetual dials. Inspired by the iconic Rolex Stella dials, these bold and glossy originals became prized collector’s items.

Fast forward to 2020, Rolex reintroduced Stella vibes exclusively for the Oyster Perpetual series. The lineup initially featured classic colours like silver, blue, and black, but they didn’t stop there. 

They added a pop of vibrancy with Stella-inspired shades, including coral red, green, candy pink, yellow, and the renowned Tiffany blue.

Here’s where it gets interesting. 

Rolex played with the script and bid farewell to coral red and yellow dials. To add a twist, they removed the Tiffany blue dial from the 41mm model after a brief appearance. 

But the Tiffany blue dial continues to appear on the Oyster Perpetual 36 ref. 126000 and Oyster Perpetual 31 ref. 277200, keeping the vintage Stella legacy alive in the contemporary Rolex collection. 

And that, my friends, is the concise tale of the collectable Rolex Tiffany watches, but we have some more for you.

Rolex Tiffany Blue Watches


Discover the Blue Rolex Tiffany Prices

In 2020, Rolex released the coveted Stella dials, sparking a global frenzy. The humble Oyster Perpetual, once an entry-level Rolex, transformed into a symbol of exclusivity. The 41mm model, originally priced at $6,150, is now a discontinued treasure, trading for over $30k on the secondary market.

Its other sibling in the exclusive Rolex Tiffany edition, the Oyster Perpetual 36, with a retail price of $5,800, commands between $15k and $20k. These fashion-forward blue dial Rolex watches often fetch triple their retail price. Thus, the legend of Rolex Tiffany Blue Dial watches unfolds—a tale of scarcity, demand, and the irresistible charm of these timekeeping treasures.

Rolex Tiffany Blue Watches: A Price Tale

Oyster Perpetual 41mm: 

Once priced at $6,983, this Tiffany Blue beauty traded hands for $9,530 to $12,252. After a climb from $16,336 to $19,058 in 2021, Rolex’s discontinuation skyrocketed its value to $32,672.

Oyster Perpetual 36mm: 

Retailing at $5,717, the 36mm Tiffany faced high demand and a waitlist ranging from $15,791 to $16,880. At its peak, it touched $20,420 in the ever-changing market.

Oyster Perpetual 31mm: 

The petite Tiffany, starting at $5,454, saw a surge to $10,890 and a peak at close to $12,796. 

The Secret of Rolex’s Turquoise Blue Dial Watches – “Tiffany” 

In the heart of Dubai’s Business Bay, where stories of luxury and time intertwine, at Love Luxury Dubai, there’s a secret the watch world whispers about—the mysterious tale of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Turquoise Blue dial, affectionately known as the Rolex Tiffany.

Hold on, though. Brace yourself for a plot twist: Rolex Tiffany is a name that doesn’t officially exist! Imagine you finally find yourself the highly anticipated Oyster Perpetual, only to discover that the beloved “Tiffany” is an unofficial nickname for the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Turquoise Blue dial.

Now, let’s plunge into the enigma behind this nickname. The dazzling blue hue of the dial is a nod to the iconic Turquoise Blue associated with Tiffany & Co., adding an air of mystery and desire to the watch. It’s almost as if people wish for the jeweller’s stamp on the dial, making it a true Tiffany.

This watch doesn’t just embrace the Tiffany Blue colour but proudly displays the jeweller’s stamp on its dial. Patek and Tiffany share a storied history, and the Nautilus 5711 Tiffany Blue pays homage to their 170-year partnership. With only 170 pieces crafted, this discontinued masterpiece became the stuff of dreams, fetching a staggering $6.48 million in the secondary market.

As the horological drama unfolds, Rolex steps into the spotlight with the Turquoise Blue Dial Oyster Perpetual. In a world where the Patek watch is a distant dream, Rolex offers a comparable masterpiece, presenting a similar-looking dial for a mere $6,806 retail.

Dubai’s Love Luxury becomes the stage for this gripping tale—a story of colour, intrigue, and the quest for the extraordinary in the world of watches. The unofficial “Tiffany” Rolex, a name whispered with a sense of mystery, adds a touch of suspense to the world of luxury watches.


The Tiffany Blue colour enhances the elegance of the Oyster Perpetual, making it highly desirable. Limited availability through retail channels led to increased prices in the secondary market. With the 41mm variant discontinued, demand surged, causing prices to skyrocket. Even today, a Rolex Tiffany Blue 41mm commands at least $27,226, justifying its premium due to exclusivity and high demand.

Indeed, Rolex and Tiffany’s craftsmanship joined forces. Between the 1950s and 2000s, the renowned Swiss watchmaker offered its timepieces at Tiffany & Co. boutiques. 

Absolutely! The Rolex, with its Turquoise Blue dial, is a fantastic investment. This watch is simple, elegant, and versatile, effortlessly complementing formal and casual looks. The vibrant Tiffany Blue Rolex adds an extra touch of style, making it even more appealing.