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Sell Your Rolex – Same Day Instant Cash Offer Anywhere in Dubai

Do you have a Rolex Yacht-Master? What about a Rolex Datejust? If you own any kind of Rolex watch, chances are you are sitting on thousands of pounds.

At Love Luxury, our job is to determine just how much money your Rolex watch is worth, and then we pay you cash. Pretty simple really.

How Do You Know What My Rolex Watch Is Worth?

Rolex is one of the most valuable names in the luxury timepiece world. We are prepared to give you instant cash in exchange for your Rolex watch, no matter the condition. So, how do we place a value on your specific Rolex? First, we take a look at the make and model. Is it a Daytona? Submariner? What model do you have and what is the rarity? Vintage and limited edition timepieces always add more value.

Next, we take a look at the actual condition your watch is in. This means we go over every scratch or nick. The better condition your watch is in, the more money you’ll get. Have you got a Rolex watch in mint condition? Get ready for a big payout!

Does your Rolex watch have any after-market parts or had any repairs? Does it still keep good time? This is another way we determine value.

Come in for an appraisal to find out the exact value of your watch.

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    Instant Appraisals Mean Instant Cash

    When you come into Love Luxury for an appraisal, we have one of our expert jewellers give you a fast and easy valuation. Alternatively, you can post your watch to us. We can appraise your Rolex watch in under an hour. Our team members are seasoned appraisers and know how to determine your watch’s worth almost immediately.

    Once we have completed our appraisal, it’s time for us to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

    Best Prices in Dubai!

    Our only interest is to offer you a fair market price for your Rolex watch. At Love Luxury, we pride ourselves in offering you the best prices in all of Dubai. We will match any other legitimate offer you have. And the best part? We pay you instant cash.

    As soon as your appraisal is complete, we present our offer. Once you accept, we give you instant cash. Walk-in and walk out with your cash in hand in less than 30 minutes!


    Not Sure If Your Watch Will Sell?

    If you own an authentic Rolex, there is always a buyer out there. No matter the condition of your watch, we will be able to make an offer. Even if you feel your watch is in poor condition, it’s always worth coming in for an official appraisal. You may be surprised how much your Rolex watch is actually worth!

    Ready to trade in your Rolex watch for instant cash? We take same-day appointments and make the process easy and fun. Who doesn’t like to walk out with a handful of cash?

    Schedule an appraisal today!

    Selling Your Rolex FAQ

    How to sell my Rolex watch to Love Luxury?

    We pride ourselves on delivering customer service excellence, with a time-efficient process which includes your initial consultation, a formal valuation, and the handover of funds in return for the Rolex you are looking to sell. 

    In almost all cases we can complete the process in a single day, with our authentication process available instantly and lasting approximately 15 minutes. After that, you will also receive payment on the same day. 

    To ensure that the process is as smooth as possible, we ask that clients provide bank details in advance. This allows us to process the funds on the spot and complete the process quickly and easily.

    How long is the appraisal process for selling Rolex watches?

    We typically ask that clients allow 10 to 15 minutes for the appraisal process, whether this is completed via WhatsApp, in person, or even through email. 

    To help keep the process as quick as possible and to minimise the back and forth for customers, we ask for as many high-quality pictures as possible. Alternatively, you can visit us in-store for the most accurate valuation and pricing.

    Why sell your Rolex to Love Luxury?

    With so many preloved sites and companies out there looking to offer you their expertise and services in return for your luxury goods, knowing what to look for in a reputable and authentic company is key. 

    Here at Love Luxury, we are proud to showcase our hundreds of five-star reviews across Google and Trustpilot, having worked with a wide and diverse collection of sellers looking to exchange their luxury goods and Rolex watches for money. 

    Our boutique is in a prime location in Dubai, and our team includes both a front-end and buyers department, giving us full control over the process from valuation to buying and reselling your luxury goods. 

    Not to mention, our same-day valuation and payments make us one of the most popular preloved companies out there.

    Which Rolex models will Love Luxury accept?

    Every Rolex watch boasts its own aesthetic appearance, its own unique features and functions, and its own personality and story. That’s why we are delighted to accept most models of Rolex, including all sports models with steel or gold straps. 

    For a personalised valuation on your Rolex, or if you have questions about a specific model, get in touch with us directly.

    Does Love Luxury Accept Rolex Watches from Outside Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

    Yes, we do accept Rolex watches from overseas, provided you as the customer understand the difference in currency and the fact that the price that we quote you will also include the import duties liable for payment. 

    Many of our dealings include partnering with UAE, The United Kingdom, China, the US and Canada, and Nigeria in accepting and reselling Rolex watches.

    What are the best Rolex watches to sell?

    The demand for Rolex watches is always high in the preloved and resale market, however, there are certain models which tend to perform better. 

    These include all sports models, Rolex watches with gold and steel straps (i.e., without rubber straps), Datejust Rolex watches, and both gold and rose gold models.

    What payment options are available when selling my Rolex?

    Regardless of currency, we usually operate through bank transfer payments. However, cash payments can be available if you provide advanced notice to our team up to 10,000 euros equivalent.